Superfast Broadband

in Hayfield

Digital Derbyshire

Excerpt from the Derbyshire County Council Website:

"We're making great strides towards achieving Derbyshire's biggest ever improvement in broadband services.

We're championing the £15 million 'Digital Derbyshire' programme to improve Derbyshire's broadband infrastructure to allow better connection speeds.

And we're one of the first authorities in the country to be given the green light to press on with our plans − backed by £7.39 million from the Government's Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) scheme.

It means over 180,000 homes and businesses in classified 'white areas', where there is currently no broadband connection or speeds are slow, are expected to benefit from improved infrastructure.

Digital Derbyshire's focus is now to deliver broadband speeds over 24 mega bits per second (mbps) across 90 per cent of the county and two mbps to the remaining 10 per cent by 2015."

Derbyshire County Council

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go to the Digital Derbyshire Website.