Superfast Broadband

in Hayfield

Getting connected

Fibre broadband runs down an existing telephone line.  Provided you already have a phone installed, no new cables are needed.

To get high-speed internet is a two-step process. First you need to check whether your telephone line can have superfast broadband  and then you contact a high-speed internet provider for the service.


The first step is to check whether you can have high-speed internet on your phone line.

For telephone numbers starting with 74 you can use the ZEN Broadband Speed Checker. Otherwise for numbers starting with 308 you need to go to the TALK TALK website.


Then you have to approach an internet provider, who will connect the service in your house.  Whoever you choose, will use BT Openreach to switch on Superfast Broadband for you.

BT Openreach will install a piece of equipment in your house to receive the broadband signal. You then plug in a Fibre Broadband Router and you get the service. Most internet service providers give you the equipment for free but some charge so check the small print.

We are using ZEN as our high-speed internet provider. We are on their  'Fibre Pro' package which gives us 200 GB of download usage allowance. (However, ZEN did not connect it all for us, we had to do it ourselves)

Apart from ZEn there are other providers like TALK TALK and BT Infinity.

you need ...

Telephone line

Telephone number

Internet Provider

Internet provider